So, what’s the point of an organic shirt? 
  • There is an undeniable hidden cost to cheap fashion. Simply put, conventionally-made cotton clothing is terrible for the planet and everyone involved. This is from heavy use of pesticides (in fact, cotton makes up for 25% of global pesticide and herbicide use), toxic dyes, a strong negative impact on soil health, and an enormous waste of water. 
  • Organic clothing, especially hemp & bamboo, is softer and more comfortable, doesn’t wrinkle, and even blocks out some UV rays - Seems like a no-brainer to us!
Do you have children’s sizes?
  • Yes! We can print 100% organic children’s t-shirts with any of our designs - They’re still migrating to our website, but we will gladly take any orders for your little ones! 
How do your shirts fit?
  • Check the sizing chart on each product page to see measurements.  
Any specific washing instructions?
  • Wash inside out to preserve the prints
  • Avoid shrinkage and be eco-friendly by washing on cold and hang drying. 
Can I get a discount for telling a friend about Homebase Organics?
  • We think you deserve 15% off your next shirt every time one of your friends order Homebase gear! Just simply let us know their name after they’ve ordered.
  • Only one coupon can be offered per referral, but you can do it as many times as you want with different people!
  • Shoot us a message if you want to help spread the word even further 
How much does shipping cost? 
  • It costs us $4 to ship each shirt and that's 
  • Unless you get 2 or more items, then it’s totally free! We'll take the cost. 
  • Use our shipping price calculator on the checkout page. If you have trouble finding your country, send us an email 
Do you ship internationally? 
  • We can ship anywhere in the world! Just let us know if you’re having trouble entering your country at checkout 
My shirt doesn’t fit, can I return it?
  • Not a problem! We have a no-hassle return policy: Just send the shirt back to us and we'll send you the right size as soon as we receive it. All you'll pay for is shipping.
  • Send us an email at and we will take you through the process. 
Can I make requests for animal designs, important causes, or nonprofits to work with? 
  • We would absolutely love to hear what you’re thinking. Shoot us a message and we can talk further.
  • Some of our upcoming designs are based solely off ideas we've received from fans, so don't be shy.